Dating in Ottawa

As the capital of the nation, Ottawa might be a much more formal place, but it certainly has it's wilder side. Ottawa is the capital in multiple ways. Not only does it have a significant cultural influence, but its also home to a lot of innovative and groundbreaking research conducted at its different and widely acclaimed universities in the area. Ottawa truly is a city that knows how to both work hard and play hard. 

There are various things that you can experience while on a date in the city. Whether you want to pay respects to the hill or visit the various museums that exist through Major Hill's Park, you have a lot of things that you can check out. You can even experience the various trendy boutiques that you will find scattered at the ByWard Market. This is one of the best ways to thoroughly impress on a first date.

Meting a Date in an Ottawa Park

If you are someone that is looking for a much more active date, you might want to take a stroll or run alongside the Rideau Canal. It will allow you to really 'break the ice' and warm up to one another.

Ottawa is positioned in the eastern part of the southern part of Ontario. In 2016, the entire city has close to 1 million residents. This made it the second-largest city in Ontario and the 4th largest in all of Canada. In the very same year, the metro area featured a population of 1.3 million residents which made it the 5th largest CMA in the entire country.

Ottawa is widely renowned to be one of the most educated cities in the world. Along with this, it happens to feature a variety of national museums and various cultural institutions including the National Arts Centre and more.

The Top Free Dating Sites In Ottawa

It seems like nowadays you can do nearly everything on the internet — from ordering groceries and streaming live television to even finding a partner without ever leaving your home.
Long gone are the days of introducing yourself at the bar or the local grocery store when someone catches your eye. Online dating indeed has its perks if you’re searching for your perfect match. It’s faster, more convenient, and easier to weed out any potentially poor pairings.

If you’re new to this side of the world wide web and feel unsure about which site is best for you, here are the top 6 dating websites to try.

Possibly one of the most popular sites worldwide, eHarmony is a fantastic site if you’re seeking a meaningful and long-term relationship online. It is also considered one of the most trusted dating websites to date. The site was created for singles aged 25 to 50 and has helped nearly 2 million people find their perfect match.

Signing up is rather easy — you don’t even need a credit card to unlock your free trial. If you find yourself loving the website, you can upgrade to a paid membership at any time. With a premium membership, you’ll increase your odds of matching thanks to a boost in the algorithm.
You will also receive a one-time consult with an expert to help you sculpt the perfect profile.

And on the topic of profiles, we do suggest setting time aside on the weekend to set yours up. This can last a little over two hours, and while this may sound a bit unpleasant initially, the lengthy questionnaire is actually a godsend. This process allows you to match with people who will understand you on a mental, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional level.

This questionnaire, with its tested and true 29 levels of compatibility, is what makes eHarmony stand out above the rest. You’ll find someone who not just shares your favorite movies and TV shows. But you’ll also scout a significant other who will understand your sense of humor and appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

You can even take your matches on the go, with the eHarmony app.

Lastly, select between men to woman, woman to woman, and men to men dating options on the site. is another widely popular dating website. Signing up is free, but you’ll need access to a paid membership if you want to unlock the full site. A few perks of include it’s quick and easy profile building questionnaire. It should only take you around twenty minutes to set it up. You will also enjoy all of the free love games and quizzes that will help add more information and flair to your profile.

The site does allow you to bundle and save, which is a huge plus in our book if you want to unlock those hidden features on the website without breaking the bank.
We also love that signing up gives you access to a unique email that only works when communicating with your potential pairings. This way, you can remain safer and never have to provide any personal information until you feel entirely comfortable doing so.
You can also take your matches and messages on the go with its user-friendly app. Dating Website

EliteSingles offers men seeking men, woman seeking woman, and men seeking women pairings. This site is also an excellent option for those seeking a serious commitment. Their staff is highly trained in finding the best companion, and if you’re seeking someone specific — someone who shares your Jewish or Muslim heritage — their team can connect you with the most appropriate singles in the area.

A free membership allows you to upload photos, view your personality test results, send ‘smiles’, and to receive partner suggestions. On the other hand, a premium membership will cost a small fee, but grants you permission to see who is looking at your profile, making linking up with new people even more accessible.

There is also no limit to the number of messages you can send or receive on a premium plan. But best of all, you will have access to view all of your match’s photos and profile information so that you can get a better sense of the person behind the screen.

It’s a Canadian-based service and has an older array of matches than a site like eHarmony. Expect to find people between the ages of 30 and 55. With over 2 million users, you’re bound to find someone who shares your interests and hobbies. The target audience, though, is educated singles, so keep this in mind before signing up. If your interests include fawning over classic literature and entering heated debates about worldly issues, this is the site for you.

#4. Zoosk

Zoosk Logo

Sometimes, a standard questionnaire isn’t enough to let your personality shine through. Zoosk allows you to write a 1500 word biography on your profile. Here, you can list your goals, hobbies, and dreams. You have the chance to make this part of your profile as personal as you’d like. We love that you have this option, since questionnaires, though thorough, can often feel bland and too calculated.
After writing your bio, Zoosk will suggest you add two more tidbits of information regarding your search for a partner. At this stage, you’ll inform Zoosk (and your potential matches) what your ideal date is and what you’re looking for in a match.
As of now, the site supports two genders — male and female. However, you can select your personal preference when choosing a partner in their pool of matches. Unlike the other websites listed on our list, this is a great place for millennials looking for love. The carousel option is similar to the swiping apps you’d find in the app store. However, instead of finding a quick fling, Zoosk is designed to find someone you can share your life with.

Plenty of Fish Logo

Kindness is their number one rule — their site asks all users to use courteous language and to respect one another while using their platform. Plenty of Fish, aptly abbreviated POF, has plenty of success stories on its website. And with an upgraded membership, you may find yourself writing your own one day.
Like the previous sites on our list, you may pick between two genders, either male or female. You can also connect with either gender when exploring their directory of singles in your area.
What’s stands out about POF is that they have a chemistry predictor on their site that you can use to take a quick glance at your compatibility level with another user. This relationship chemistry predictor will analyze your self-confidence levels, how easy going you are, social dependency, family orientation, and self-control.
These five areas exemplify what matters most to you in life, and is a perfect way of determining who your ideal partner may be.
But overall, we love that even the free membership allows you to message, match, and search completely free of charge! A paid membership will get rid of those pesky ads and will enable you to pop up first in their search directory.
Bottom line, if you’re new to dating sites and want to see how these matching services work for you first hand, Plenty of Fish is a great way to dip your toe in the water. No pun intended!

#6. Badoo

Ages 18 through 80 can join Badoo to find their perfect match. You can choose male or female when signing up with your Facebook profile. The site is free to join, yet also offers a premium paid membership for even more perks. Unlike these other great sites we’ve listed, Badoo works a bit differently. Anyone looking to expand their social circle can use Badoo online or through their mobile app.
The website makes communicating and meeting new people feel fun and refreshing. You can say goodbye to those late nights at the bar trying to socialize. Badoo brings the socializing to you no matter where you are in the world.

Our Best Choice For Local Ottawa Online Dating

Online dating has always been stigmatized as something out of the ordinary. However, the reality is that online dating is a streamlined way of finding that special person whom you can share your life with (we’re talking picnic dates and romantic talks by the fireside while camping). There is nothing odd about that.
But it’s safe to say that after a while it can get overwhelming with so many different options online. But we’ve narrowed down some of the most trustworthy and best dating sites in Ottawa. While they all have their perks and can each cater to every unique individual, we would like to give the number one spot to eHarmony. Read our review of their site here!
Like with everything in life, you have to put a lot of time and effort into something if you want to see a worthwhile return. This is also the case with dating online. Though the sign-up process may take a while, we feel that this helps you find more meaningful and compatible matches. It’s an affordable service and used by a wide range of different people. When browsing their success stories, it’s apparent that eHarmony has got their matching process down to a science.
These key features make it easier to find 'the one'. However, regardless of your final choice, we wish you luck on your search for the perfect partner in either the real or virtual world.

Online Dating in Ottawa

Online dating is easily the best way to find beautiful girls to date in Ottawa like a lot of other major cities. If you are someone that has a specific dating preference, you will be able to leverage online dating sites to qualify prospects that meet your dating preferences and standards. It is not only easy to do, but it is free to join a lot of online dating platforms. All you need to do is put in the time and energy to browse through various profiles and photos and you will be able to meet beautiful ladies in Ottawa. See our full list of the top free dating sites!

Different Dating Ideas

Craft Beers and Cocktails

Enjoying a Craft Beer Date in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is one of the best places to find new and exciting craft beers to try out. It is known as a hub for craft beer. Therefore, any Ottawa single who fancy a good brew might find it difficult to narrow down the choices to a single option. Luckily, the city is full of various craft beer tours that you can take advantage of which will allow you to scour around town trying a lot of them out for yourself. We recommend trying out Brew Donkey for some of the best insider scoops on the best beers in Ottawa.

If you are someone that wants to play games while you drink, you can check out the Blurry Pixel located right next to Parliament Hill. This is an esports and gaming lounge that will offer plenty of fun for the night. Not only can you have a drink, but you can share some food with your date, and have a great time playing all of the latest and greatest video games. If video games aren't for you, they have a bunch of different board games that you can take advantage of, as well. If not, you can use the space to sit down, have a drink, and chat. The entire staff is friendly and attentive and the overall vibe and atmosphere of the place will help both of you relax.

Coffee and Date Nights

Coffee and Cafe Dating in Ottawa

A coffee date is one of the best ways to meet someone new. Not only will you both be able to enjoy the caffeine buzz, but it offers a relaxing atmosphere and it places less pressure on both parties. The Ministry of Coffee is one of the best places to get to know one another when you are on a first date because it offers a very relaxing atmosphere and great vibes all around. Be certain to try out the Nutella latte as it is easily one of the best you will find in all of Ottawa!

If you are looking for something much more substantial, you will want to schedule a reservation at Town. Town is one of the best restaurants that you will find in the area and it offers both a casual and fun atmosphere with great food and drinks. You will be able to experience the incredible Italian fare with a menu that has plenty to offer even the pickiest eaters. Be sure to try the meatballs!

Winter and Spring

Dating Ottawa Winter Couple

While restaurants are a typical go-to for many first dates, not every date needs food. During the colder months, you can always have an amazing time at the historic Rideau Canal. At the canal, you will be able to skate while holding hands right around some of the best architecture you will find throughout the entire city which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

While winter can offer a fantastic dating experience, a lot of the singles in Ottawa are more than ready for spring once the warmer weather hits. Dating in the spring in Ottawa is truly remarkable. Not only can you enjoy the millions of flowers that are blooming by visiting the Tulip Festival, but you will be able to check out May's Poutine Fest, as well. Spring offers a lot of opportunities for those looking for date ideas.

Finding Hookups in Toronto

The city itself has a lot of different venues that you will be able to checkout for hooking up with new women. There are plenty of venues that offer fun nightlight activities including the bars that you will find up and down the ByWard Market. If you want to find and hook up with the most beautiful girls in Ottawa, this is the area you should be hanging out in. If you are looking to increase your chances of getting laid with a beautiful girl in Ottawa, simply book a hotel near this area and you should be able to find a girl that you can have a one night stand with.

Best Nightclubs To Meet New Women

There are all kinds of pick up bars and nightclubs where you can meet different women in Ottawa. Girls in Ottawa love to meet new guys and if you are attractive enough and you know how to talk to women, you can easily find girls to hook up with. Some of the best bars and nightclubs you should checkout are City at Night, Mercury Lounge, Junxion, James Street Pub, and more.