The Top Places To Go To Meet Other Singles

They are not in the traditional places you’d expect either! If you want to meet single people who you actually like and who want to date you then you’ll find your guide to the best places below.

Starting with the best first…

The Top 3 Places to Meet Singles

  • Meet Singles Online
  • Speed dating
  • Singles events

And the rest…

  • Dating agencies/Matchmakers
  • Daily life
  • Night life (clubs & pubs) (Yes, really! Last on the list)

Why are they in that order?

There are 4 things you need to make finding partners easy:

    • That the singles you meet are available
    • There are lots of them
    • It’s easy to meet them in a short timescale (you are busy after all)
    • You don’t have to try too hard to talk to potential partners

So the answer to why the top three are the top three lies in those factors.

Do You Really Need to Go There?

If you’re having a sort of, ‘Yeeeuch’ reaction to some of the top options then I can understand it. But the best places aren’t necessarily the easiest to persuade yourself to go to.

The fact is internet dating, speed dating, and singles events are filled with millions of single people, just like you, looking for dates.

5 years ago, you were probably right. They shared the same stigma joining a dating agency used to have. But today … millions can’t be wrong!

If you’re not in, you’re missing out.

Want to know great local places to meet singles? If you're in Toronto, Calgary or Ottawa see our city-specific recommendations!

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