Body Language Of Women

Understanding a female is always difficult than it seems to be. Sometimes they say one thing but mean completely opposite of it.

In this post, I will reveal the top 11 female body language secrets that you need to know for interpreting female body language.

Here’s the deal:

Secrets of female body language aren’t really easy to comprehend.

For a smooth relationship with your significant other, it is important for you to look past what her words say.

Instead, you need to focus on her body language and look for cues what she really is trying to tell you. Because:

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said

With the help of these 11 female body language secrets, you will easily know whether she is sad, happy, down or pissed about something or need comfort.

11 Hidden Female Body Language Secrets

1. When She “Accidentally” Touches You

Women have a hard time making the first move. Most of them want men to take the first move.

But there are some obvious ways through which they tell you they are into you.

Note – Whenever she comes sits close to you, find reasons to touch you, brushes herself against you that means she is aroused and wants to have some sensual-time.

All of these things tell that there is something in you that she likes.

You can call it flirting too. If it looks like it then it definitely is.

Her accidental touches are enough to tell you that you are the one.

This gesture is also considered as the female body language of flirting.

Always listen to her body language even if she is saying she isn’t looking for someone, her body language clues that say she’s interested.

However, when she says “No” it definitely means “No”. Respect her decisions.

2. When She Bites Her Lips

One important gesture that is enough to turn someone on is lip-biting. This is also one of the signs that a female likes you.

This innocent gesture is so sexy that no man can resist it. If you want to attract someone, many people would suggest you this move.

Lip-biting is a sure way of making your lips look more attractive.

Flirting is summarized as a body-language.

Obviously, you can use words and may drop a pickup line but the main part is played by your body.

Here are the three main reasons why lip-biting is so erotic:

It shows a desire – Lips are an important part of your body i.e., you eat and kiss with your mouth. Whenever it’s about suppressing a desire, your lips know it all.

Lips become the center of attention – Face is surely the first thing that you notice about someone first. Lip-biting just makes it possible by drawing attention towards the lips. This will intrigue the person you like.

It makes them look hotter – Rosy red lips are everyone’s favorite. When you bite your lips, it brings blood to the surface making your lips red and supple. This immediately makes you more attractive.

3. When She Shakes Her Hips

When a woman shakes her hips while walking, this means she is trying to get the attention of some guy.

This is a thing women do when trying to captivate men’s attention.

It may be either consciously or completely unconsciously. It all depends on the women.

The next time you see her shaking her hips, you can be sure that this is meant to attract you and to let you know that she is interested in you.

4. When She Waves Her Hands

When she is about to say that is something very important for you or something that is important to her, she will wave her hands in the air in excitement.

This is more like a “look at me” gesture in a subconscious way.

When she does this, she wants you to pay attention to whatever she is saying.

Hence, whenever you see a woman doing this waving hands in the air gesture, pay attention to her. It would be something you need to know about.

5. When She Looks Squarely In The Eyes

If you want to know what a woman saying is genuine and real, then you have to look for this sign.

When she looks squarely in the eyes, everything that comes out of her mouth is true. Also, she won’t look away either.

This way you can easily tell that whatever she is saying is important and want you to have a good listen to it.

Sometimes, she will be seeking an answer too. So be prepared for it and listen to her carefully.

6. When She Speaks at a High-Pitch

This is one of the easiest ways to tell that a woman doesn’t actually mean what she is saying.

If she tells you that she is okay and there is nothing to worry about, her high tone would clearly mean that she is going through some anxiety.

Here are the things you should look for when women are going through some problems:

She speaks loudly

Her heart-rate rises

She appears more agitated

If you notice these signs, it clearly indicates that there is caution.

Remember: Do not try to push her buttons and try being distant for a moment. Find the cause what she is upset about, find a solution and comfort her till she feels better.

7. When She Doesn’t Make Eye-Contact

Whenever she refuses to make eye-contact with you, it means two things:

Either she is so mad at you that she does not even want to look in your eyes.


She is hiding something from you.

In the first scenario, there is no option for you other than simply apologizing for whatever reason she is feeling that way. Even if it is not your fault or you have no clue what you have done wrong.

Not apologizing and keeping her mad for a long time will only make things worse. Hence it’s better to say sorry to her.

However in the second case, not making eye contact means she is hiding something from you and does not want to be open herself about it.

Of course, eyes are the windows to the soul and she is trying to lock you out. This clearly means there is something that she is keeping secret from you.

Here are some other ways you can tell if someone is lying to you:

Too many details – When someone provides you so many unnecessary details

Body-language and words don’t match – It’s very difficult to be composed when telling a lie.

Verbal pauses – Because a lie involves a lot of thinking

Paralanguage – The way how someone says it.

Putting an object between you two – It’s a subconscious behavior to protect themselves

8. When She Walks Loudly

This one is obvious. If you hear walking her loudly this means there is something you did to piss her off. There might be a fire in her eyes that will erase any doubts you might have.

There are a few things that can happen too:

  • Loud walking on stairs
  • Doors and cabinets slamming
  • Pans being strewn together

Remember – There is no escaping from the reality, she will not get better herself. You should make an effort, try to get things sort out. Remember what you could have done wrong or said that she might not have liked.

Even if you do not recall anything like that, you should apologize to her.

Because whatever is wrong, it is going to befall on you. Prepare an “I’m sorry sweetheart” note and keep it in your pocket before facing her.

9. When She Hugs Herself

If you think when she hugs herself around the waist or the shoulder indicates a sexual thing, you are WRONG.

Hugging herself around the waist means she self-soothes. There is something that made her upset.

Whether it is something you did to make her feel hurt or some other thing, she is trying to soothe herself from the hurt through this gesture.

A Quick-Tip – Whenever you see her hugging herself, get close to her, hug her, comfort her, and possibly bring ice-cream.

This will surely cheer her up and she is more likely to tell you what made her feel that way.

10. When She Cross Her Arms In Front Of Her

When she does this it means two things, either she is not accepting what you are trying to explain her or either she means she is not going to give in.

This happens a lot when two people argue. Arm crosses mean they are not open to listening to your further explanation and they are not buying what you are saying.

This probably tells you to shut up and rethink what you have done.

You should know – The best way to deal with this is, is to give her some time. Let her anger cool down.

This will also give you some time to rephrase your words in such a way that she would accept it. And then go and try to talk to her about the whole situation.

11. When She Clench Her Lips

It’s human nature, whenever something is going in our head, our bodies will subconsciously act accordingly.

Whenever a woman clench her lips, and her jaw tightens, this means she is withholding saying what is in her mind. Or there is something you have said that is making her upset.

This gesture usually comes with a scary frown.

This is enough for you to stop saying anything because obviously she is finding it unpleasing.

So, stopping right away and letting her speak is the correct thing to do in this situation.

The bottom-line?

Each gender has a different body-language and female body language secrets are different than that are of men.

If you feel your girl isn’t being genuine to you, you are most probably right. Women are usually not good at hiding their feelings for a long time especially when they are angry or upset.

Listen carefully to what she is trying to tell you and pay close attention to her body language. Hopefully, these 11 female body language secrets will help you a lot in understanding her.

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