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Zoosk easily stands out as one of the most popular and viable options for Canadians on the online dating scene. This unique dating site had a pretty big boost to start up, seeing as it was actually started as a Facebook app in 2007. After launching as a standalone dating site/app, they quickly gained an audience of millions, and its popularity continues today. 

The reason Zoosk does so well is that it integrates the traditional type of dating site layout with social media, so people who meet here start as friends and peers in a social media context, removing a lot of the pressure associated with lengthy personality profiles and other methods by which sites attempt to force people’s hands at relationships.

Zoosk.com is more of a laid-back social environment where people have fun, reach out to one another, and pretty much call the shots themselves. It has a youthful, vibrant environment, built by its social-savvy base, and it remains one of the top dating sites online.

The Features of Zoosk

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When it comes to features, Zoosk blends the user-friendly features of the world’s best social media sites with dating site mainstays, which leads to a very feature-rich environment. 

Some of the site’s most notable features include:

  • Advanced Search Features: Zoosk has an advanced search feature that allows users to search for other users based on age, religion, education, height, marital status, location, and more criteria by which you can whittle down your search.
  • Save Searches: Make sure that you can pick up where you left off with the site’s ability to save your search criteria for the next time you want to look around.
  • Profile Views: They give you an ability to see the people who have checked your profile out. No more lurkers and anonymous looks; you can see exactly who’s checking you out.
  • Behavioral Matchmaking: Unlike regular dating sites with their complex systems, Zoosk’s matching system operates by matching users with other users who share similar social behaviors. These matches are presented to users as SmartPicks.
  • The Carousel: More or less a voting system, you will be shown photos of other singles and asked to vote on appearance. The more votes as a user gets, the more prevalent their profile becomes.
  • Auto-Reply: Users will not have to waste their time responding (or intentionally ignoring) people who reach out. You can simply create automated replies that instantly send a message of your choosing in return.
  • Photo Verification: Zoosk cuts down on scam and spam profiles by ensuring that users provide photo verification before creating an active profile.
  • Zoosk Coins: An original in-site currency to use to access premium features like boosting your profile, checking messages, sending virtual gifts, and much more.

Pricing Options

Your pricing options at Zoosk include three separate plans, on a per-month basis.

1-Month Membership




3-Month Membership




Ease Of Use

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In the world of online dating sites, you can find some pretty complex stuff out there. A lot of sites will not even allow you to sign up unless you pass their arbitrary and incredibly long personality profiles, posing as scientific. Zoosk is different in that it focuses primarily on social media and offers that sort of laid-back environment. Of course, this dating website does definitely focus on relationships, but it does so by first focusing on the social aspect of people meeting online.

This is a carryover from the site’s days as a Facebook app. In 2007, Facebook was the undisputed king of social networking sites, and Zoosk was the big fad companion app for friends who considered becoming more than just mere social acquaintances. This is why their webiste has always been very easy to use and to get the hang of intuitively.

At the end of the day, after all, Zoosk is a social media site that has dating options, not a haughty dating site that pretends to use science to find perfect matches. This is a site that basically puts the power to meet someone in the user’s hands. As a user, you will fill out and create your profile, and then you can begin using Zoosk just like a regular social media site, with an emphasis on finding singles.

What makes this method so great is that Zoosk still does put a lot of emphasis on chemistry and in highlighting personality traits to bring people together. Though rather than forcing your hand as a user and only showing you matches that the site dictates would work, you actually have all the power as the user, and thus you can change your search parameters any time you want and control the searches and to whom you reach out. This is a level of matching freedom that other dating sites simply do not offer to their users.

Review of Zoosk Canada

The only catch here is that if you really want to meet someone special and make a lot of potential connections, you will have to subscribe to their premium services and get yourself some Zoosk Coins. This is to prevent scam and spam profiles on the site, however, so that you end up with a higher level of trust with the people to whom you reach out, as you know they’re also invested in the site as premium members.

Overall, all of these features are incredibly easy to use. From the initial profile creation and search features to setting up auto-replies and reaching out to someone on whom you have your eyes with winks and smiles, Zoosk.com is definitely set up like a social media site in this respect, which makes it incredibly easy to reach out and spark up conversations with a potential romance.

To assist you and to add to the ease of the site, Zoosk also has a thorough support staff that’s always around for a live chat if you need help navigating features or end up having any issues with your payment. The idea here in general is to provide a laid-back, easy atmosphere where you can simply meet people and have a good time.

Pros & Cons

Zoosk is very highly rated among its users, but every site and service has its pros and cons. Here are some of the good things, and some of the not so good things about the dating site.


  • A huge base of millions of people
  • A very welcoming social media atmosphere, not a stuffy, technical dating site
  • Site is available in 80 separate countries and uses 25 languages
  • An on-site blog where real users share their success stories
  • Advanced search features whose criteria is set by you the user
  • Impeccable customer support that’s always available to you


  • Must pay a premium fee to use all the features
  • One-time activation fee of $24.95 is charged
  • No keyword-based searching features on site

The Bottom Line

Zoosk Dating App

Zoosk has been around for well over a decade and has built up a lot of good will over the years. Starting out as a mere app that went along with Facebook, the humble beginnings of this dating site focused primarily on giving Facebook friends a better way to pursue a potential romance. This evolved into a standalone dating site over the years, and is easily one of the top-rated sites operating online today.

Perhaps the best thing about Zoosk.com is that it never did lose its emphasis on social media. What this means, to put it simply, is that users do not have to deal with those long, complex, pre-screening profile tests that present themselves as scientific. As long as you verify that you’re a real user, you can use Zoosk, and it’s you who gets to decide what you want to find in a potential mate, or perhaps just some friends.

The site still does have some pretty intuitive matchmaking software and algorithms it uses, but it’s not set in stone here. You still have the final say in the search criteria you select and the people to whom you reach out or to whom you respond or don’t respond. 

There are also some pretty cool things about Zoosk that are unique to this hybrid site that you likely will not find on many other dating-based services. For instance, Zoosk Coins ensure that the money you spend for a premium membership gets spent how you want, not how the site wants. So you’re not necessarily locked into anything with your money. You purchase coins, and you can use those coins for a variety of features and functions on the site.

If you’ve been wanting a new way to meet people via an online dating site, you definitely might want to give Zoosk a closer look.

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