Review is a dating site for Canadians. When I first joined the site, I found it modern and easy to use. You do not need to be technologically advanced to use this service due to the excellent design.

I was able to find more than enough Christian matches for my needs. Even if you live in one of the more remote areas, you should not have any difficulties. offers a lot of options to help you find a match.

Since everyone on the site had to pay to join, they are serious about finding someone special. I have enjoyed the site, but I am no longer a member. This is because I found my match and will be married next spring.

Website Features

The compatibility test is the first feature you will encounter. I had to take this test prior to becoming a member. This is how you know you will find someone compatible with your most important requirements in a match.

All you have to do is open the app or go to their home page. You will need about 30 minutes to fill out the entire questionnaire. I recommend taking the time because this sets the basis for your ideal match.

The questionnaire asked me questions about my personality, sense of humor, lifestyle, beliefs and ambition. I did not find any of the questions invasive. Once you have taken your test and become a member, you can start reviewing all of your matches. Dating Site Quiz

If you decide not to join at this point, you can still look at your matches once you have completed your test. You will not be able to make contact with any of your matches until you have become a member.

I recommend joining because even the matches that did not work out for me were very close to what I was looking for. As I stated earlier, I did find my ideal match. You have a lot more options once you have joined the site.

Once you are a member, you can look at all of the profiles that interest you and see all the photos. I am a little bit shy. This being said, I did not have any issues talking to my matches. Somehow, it was easier online.

If you do not find anyone of interest in your matches, you can search for the criteria you desire. This enables you to access a lot more of the members. The preferences feature is absolutely wonderful.

You can select the criteria for your potential matches. only sends members matching your criteria. You can choose from the member's distance from your home, their education and religious beliefs.

I really appreciated the 29 Dimensions Personality Assessment. There were 150 questions about what I like, what I dislike, my goals, hobbies and what I consider a dealbreaker. used these details to find excellent matches.

I set my match preferences to ensure the recommendations were right on target. The site uses an algorithm so I only saw member profiles I was compatible with. I used the filter for my city and the preferred age range of my matches.

My Favorite Five Features Are:

  • The dashboard was amazing. I could see all of the recent visitors to my profile and photo and profile updates.
  • Once I became a premium member, I could look at matches anonymously. I needed help once and the assistance I received by phone was excellent.
  • I liked the conversation starters pre-written by the site. They helped me relax and talk to my matches.
  • I was able to see thirty extra profiles every day just because I was a premium member.
  • It was easy to track my crushes in the sections for 'Mutual Favorites', 'Favorited Me' and 'My Favorites'.

The Pricing

The standard pricing is good. When I joined, I took advantage of a special offer. If you choose a membership when you first join you may be able to save some money with a promotional rate. The regular pricing is as follows:

6-Month Membership




12-Month Membership




The Ease of Using

Eharmony Review Compatibility Quiz

I found signing up with the site simple and easy. After about ten minutes, I had to leave. I was able to save what I had already done so I could come back later. I only needed another 15 minutes to finish the process.

The questions were easy to see and all I had to do to answer was click my mouse. I went to the next page to continue. Although I recommend taking this questionnaire, it is optional. You can skip it if you prefer.

The 29 Dimensions of Compatibility consists of questions I found easy to answer. This is about compatibility and attraction. You will give ratings as to how quarrelsome, outgoing, dominant and clever you are.

You will describe the location, age range, relationship status, drinking habits, income level and education for your ideal match. Your answers can be seen on your profile, but your compatibility quiz answers are private.

I do not have much technical knowledge, so I was concerned about the difficulty of answering questions and uploading a minimum of one photo. I am delighted to say it was easy.

I did have to wait for the team to approve my photo before it appeared on my profile. After this, I received my matches. My compatibility ratings were used to select my matches.

I could see the differences and similarities. The site showed a compatibility percentage for everything important such as religious values and location. It was easy to figure out which matches offered the best potential for an ideal match.

I admit I do not understand the match algorithm. This is a trade secret of This made no difference because the algorithm searched the site for me. All I had to do was subscribe as a member, fill out my profile and send messages.

I enjoyed sending smiley faces to the members I liked. You can send smiles and look at matches when you are a free member. You need to be a paid member to receive or send messages, see who looked at you profile or made you a favorite.

Once you are a paid member, you can look at matches not in the preferences you stated. There are even weekends when Eharmony offers free communication. This way free members can explore the features to decide if they want to join.

You will enjoy the privacy of the site. The only people able to see your profile are subscribers and compatible members. This gave me peace of mind. Your billing and contact details are encrypted, not posted on the site and completely private.

The site recommended I take specific safety precautions. They recommended not sharing any of my financial details with any of the members. The site has a customer care team just in case any of the members have a concern they want to report.

If anyone is acting inappropriately or suspiciously, you can block and report them. Eharmony has a zero-tolerance policy for scammers and spammers. The site simply offers to help singles find one another.

The safety standards are excellent, the members are authentic, the site is easy to navigate and joining is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Pros & Cons


  • The details used by the matching model help ensure your happiness and potential marriage. There are 29 key dimensions capable of predicting if your relationship will be successful.
  • You will save a lot of time and stress because you will not have to search endless profiles for your ideal match. Eharmony has eliminated never-ending and frustrating searches.
  • The site is perfect for anyone interested in a serious relationship or marriage.
  • The site is easy to use, simple to navigate and very effective.
  • You can try for free until you decide whether or not you are interested in becoming a paid member.


  • The site does not offer as many bells and whistles as many of the similar sites.
  • There are non-paying and inactive members.

The Final Word

If you are serious about finding the ideal person to spend your life with, is the ideal site. The other members are searching for the same thing. The site is easy to navigate and setting your personal preferences is not difficult.

The matches you are sent are accurate because they are based on the questions you have answered and what you want in a partner. The site protects your privacy and personal information to ensure your safety.

You can see pictures of your potential matches to ensure their physical characteristics are appealing for your interests. If you are unsure how to begin a conversation, there are pre-written openers to help.

You can set your searches for what is most important for your needs such as location or age. You can talk to people online to eliminate the need for a personal meeting until you are ready.

I highly recommend After all, this is how I found my ideal match. If you are still unsure, you can look at the site for free.

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