EliteSingles.ca Review

EliteSingles.ca uses a 200-question personality test as the basis for its match-making algorithm and offers three levels of reasonably-priced, paid membership. More than 85 percent of members have at least completed college, are over the age of 30 and are looking for serious, long-term relationships. For Canadians, you can expect to find matches in just about any Canadian city as it is a popular dating site for people across the coast, from Vancouver to Montreal looking for a relationship.

The site caters to straight, lesbian, gay, senior and "single parent" clients who are busy with their careers and have little time for bar- and lounge-based social games or "hook-ups." EliteSingles is for mature people who want to find life partners. The male/female ratio is 45/55 and the site gets more than two million visits each month, making it one of the most popular services of its kind in the world.

Elite Singles Website Features

You can perform searches yourself based on just about any parameter, like age, religious beliefs, income, drinking/smoking preference, ethnicity, education, distance from a particular city, desire to have children, etc.

If you prefer, you can simply let the site deliver up to 20 daily matches directly to you and then it's up to you whether to contact those people or not. The site also has an interesting function wherein it give you matches that are not "exact," but might be compatible for you. In all, there are at least three ways to connect with people on the website.

It's easy to communicate with potential mates by sending them a message, a "smile" or an ice-breaker question. You can mark your favorites, prevent inquiries from people who aren't looking for long-term connections, get tips from the blog and easily track those who have viewed your profile.

EliteSingles.ca Dating Website

The Pricing

Like most membership dating sites, EliteSingles offers substantial discounts for Canadian members who sign up for a full year, which costs $31.95 per month. The 6-month plan costs $44.95 per month and the 3-month membership is $59.95 per month.

3-Month Membership




6-Month Membership




Ease Of Use

It's quite simple to use the site and interact with other singles. Probably because it's designed for busy professionals who don't want to waste time flirting and chatting but are looking for serious relationships, EliteSingles.ca is simple to use. You can send messages, winks and several other kinds of introductions or let the site send an "ice-breaker" question for you.

The site will give you names of potential matches and you also have the ability to use the dashboard to search for people based on what they said in their profiles. That way, there's a choice for every user: wait for matches to be delivered to your inbox or do the searching yourself. 

Online Dating With Elite Singles

Signup is seamless and easy but it does take a while to fill out the personality questionnaire. Actually, that's a strong point because the more time you take to answer the questions honestly, the more precise your matches will be. 

Customer support is ever-present and endlessly helpful. Whether you have a question about how to send a message or want to know about dating etiquette, you'll be given a quick, accurate answer. The blog is a wealth of useful data on all things dating related too, so it's a good idea to read an article or two whenever you get a chance.

Pros & Cons


  • The customer support team is topnotch and responds to queries 24/7 via the online form, telephone or email.
  • The site uses an advanced technique to determine personality profiles so users get accurate pairings.
  • The included blog is not just a collection of datingrelated articles but a reliable source of information from experts about how to deal with others in romantic relationships.
  • People who value privacy, safety and convenience will be drawn to the site because of its intuitive, intelligent app.
  • There's a free version that offers a good feel for the site.
  • The paid version is priced right and offers several options based on length of commitment.
  • For the over30 crowd of professionals who don't have time to waste in bars and on "hookup" websites, EliteSingles.com is an ideal option.


  • The initial personality testing can take up to a half-hour to complete.
  • Singles who are searching for a fast connection or a quick date, with on regard for long-term connections, will probably be disappointed by the site.
  • The free version really is only good for seeing whether you like the setup and functionality of the matchmaking process. For the full value, it's better to purchase a one-month membership and then upgrade after that if you decide EliteSingles.com is for you.

The Bottom Line

Canada Dating Review

Image from EliteSingles. Matches are available in every Canadian city.

EliteSingles.ca offers good value with a very reasonable price structure. New members can try it out for a month and then decide whether to upgrade to a less costly package deal of three months or more. All pricing and terms are completely transparent for users and there are no surprises or hidden charges. Compared to its competitors, it is a standout.

Prospective members should be aware that the overwhelming majority of people on the site are adults over the age of 30 who are searching for long-term relationships. The demographic is slightly skewed to women, with a female-to-male ratio of about 55-45. Searching for matches with other Canadians or just letting the site deliver them to your inbox is a breeze and makes using EliteSingles.ca both fun and interesting. 

Review of EliteSingles.ca

One of the big advantages the site has over competitors for Canadians is its ease of use and its advanced algorithm. The matches are based on your actual personality and preferences. Too many dating sites only use general demographic data to pair people. EliteSingles uses an in-depth personality interview that yields compatible pairings for anyone willing to take the time to fill out the initial application form.

If you are a college grad and don't have time to waste in the "hook-up culture," try EliteSingles.ca and find out what it's like to meet real people who are potential long-term matches for you. After that, it's up you to decide what to do. But the heavy lifting is done for you, all at a reasonable price.

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