How Much Do Your Looks Matter?

Looks matter in the dating arena. It may not count as much as originally thought but looks do create the initial attraction. If you are looking at a group of women, you will have a few favorites for sure. Of course, these favorites will be chosen based on the physical characteristics alone if you do not know the women yet. However, if you get to know each of the women, you may find yourself gravitating to someone who was not even a favorite. That is, unless if you were totally blinded by the beauty of one of the women.

What do men look for physically?

Men are easily attracted to girls with pretty faces and beautiful builds. However, men who want serious relationships will also look for something other than the physical.

What do women look for physically?

Women are also interested in physical looks. However, while men tend to consider the raw physical features of a woman, women tend to observe everything else that makes up the man. For example, a woman will not only look at a man’s face but will also consider if it is clean-shaven. A woman will also not only look at a man’s build but also at how he dresses. So even if you are not model-handsome, you can still attract women by dressing up neatly and carrying yourself confidently. The overall package is what matters to women.

It’s who you are that matters!

In the end, your prospective partner will want to know you better for your personality, intelligence, and sense of humor. Most people will be put off by beautiful or handsome people with boring or offensive personalities. So if your intentions are clear, you should not really worry about not being very handsome or very beautiful. Remember that yes, looks do matter but in the sense that you should always present yourself well, as a neat and decent person.

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