Dating A Single Dad

If you are deep in the dating you have probably have come across one single dad or two. Dating the single dad is not the same as dating a single guy. More often than not you are expected to make some adjustments if you plant to seriously date a single dad.

Three main types of single dads

There are three main types of single dads: the dating dad, the LTR dad and the single dad. The last one is probably the hardest to deal with and one that you should avoid. For the most part, single dads with young kids who are looking for a new mother replacement are probably doing so because they cannot handle kids on their own. If they can’t do this, don’t even think about how they are going to care about you, as they may suck at this too.

Another type of single dad is the dating dad, which often comes with fewer problems. Dating dads are dating because they want the companionship of another woman but may or may not be ready for another serious relationship. Those who are, however, can be categorized under the Looking to Remarry category-single dads who feel like they are ready for marriage the second time around.

Advantages of dating a single dad

Some women may view dating a single dad as a hassle, as you are not dating one person but virtually a whole family. Single dads come as a package and they know this. This means that dating a single dad should also come with some understanding and responsibility on your part. However, despite the few downsides there are some advantages to dating a single dad. For the most part, single dads are employed, responsible, loving, caring and generally more mature. Single dads will also work for women who are looking for a life with children but cannot or do not want to go through the process of childbearing.

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