Should You Date Older Men?

If you are a young woman seeking to date an older man, you have to know the possible consequences. While your relationship is more acceptable to society compared to that of an older woman dating a younger man, you still have to face some opposition. Of course, if you are a minor dating a much older man, there is no question that you should quit the relationship. You may think yourself in love but think about the connotations of your relationship. For you, it may be an admiration that has gone further. For your older man, it could unnatural for him to be seeking young girls. But if you are a certified adult, you can try to make your relationship work by knowing the pros and cons of dating an older man.

The benefits of dating someone older

When you date an older man, you can expect more maturity. He may also be financially secure, though this is not always the case. As for sex, expect that he will not be asking for it as much as a 20- or 30-year old guys would, but will still know how to please a woman based on experience. In fact, he may focus on pleasing you instead of himself. Still, if your relationship is based on love, you may not be too bent on prioritizing money and sex. You may be happy to discover that your older man is more likely to be respectful and well-mannered than his younger counterparts.

Discovering potential trouble

A wide age gap will not result in zero problems. You may have to face the fact that your older man may have children with a previous relationship, even with a previous spouse. These children may show you some dislike, especially if they are nearer your age. Generation gap may also factor in your perspectives in life, levels of energy, and sense of fun.

The verdict

Do not compare your relationship to statistics. Instead, analyze the unique pros and cons. If the cons outweigh the pros significantly, you may decide to give up your older man. But if you are too in love, you may decide to accept the sacrifices that come with the relationship.

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