How To Date As A Bald Man

In the end, it is a matter of taste and of acceptance. If more women are willing to go beyond what is physical, bald men will have as much chance as the next guy in the dating arena. Then again, baldness should not be treated as a negative trait at all. In fact, some attractive men actually shave their heads because they feel more comfortable with this style, take for instance, Vin Diesel.

Why some women do not like bald men

There are women who do not want to date bald men, period. They associate baldness with illness and old age. This is probably because some terminally ill patients do lose their hair and older men may develop receding hairlines. These women’s ideal man has thick, glossy locks that they can put their fingers through. That is what's attractive for them. Nobody can really blame them for that preference because dating is initially sparked by physical attraction.

Why other women prefer bald men

Other women find bald men attractive. Some of them have their preferences affected by media. Hollywood and the world of professional sports have their share of attractive, bald men. It seems that women like bald men when they are bald on purpose. Because they have intentionally shaved their heads, their macho, healthy image is still there. These women may be fooled by men who shave their heads primarily because they have receding hairlines anyway. They have just taken the fast track from unappealing bald guy to date magnet.

Tips for bald men looking for a date

No matter what you look like, you still have to follow the usual rules in dating. This means that you have to put your best foot forward without deceiving anyone. Be yourself. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, not having the usual prince charming looks may actually help you see the right woman for you. If a woman is more interested in who you are and not on what you look like, you may have found your partner in life and not just a fling.

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