Being The Hunter When Dating

It may be awkward to directly refer to a man as the hunter in a relationship because that would mean that the woman is a prey. But men do start out as the hunter in most relationships. What makes each relationship different is the woman’s reaction toward the hunt. She may play her own game, get completely caught, or she may actually be hunting back without the guy knowing it.

Planting the bait

For any hunting to continue in the dating arena, the hunter must plant the bait. You, as the hunter, must make sure that you can get the target interested in you. You should make sure that the woman knows that you are after her and not any female. It is risky to reveal yourself emotionally this way. However, if you do not make such a move, you may end up with no woman at all. You have to flirt with her by first using body language alone. Take note that you should devise your game according to the type of woman you are after, or else you may put her off.

Using some camouflage

While it is important to show your real self, you must also be a little tactical in your approach. You need to present yourself neatly. There is no need to appear metrosexual if that is not your style but still look your best. Do not pounce. You can wait for the right moment, observing at the sidelines. A camouflage may mean having to hide the extent of your feelings for her – at least for the moment.

Planning an ambush

Of course, nothing will happen if you will not approach your prospective woman. You should not stalk her, however. An ambush in this case should not be taken literally. You have to be gentle with your approach instead. Although you are a hunter in this particular relationship, show her that you are not some uncouth beast.

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