Searching For Mr. Right

One girl’s Mr. Right can be another girl’s Mr. Wrong. This is obviously because a Mr. Right is a woman’s personal definition of what should be an ideal partner for her. Hunting for this guy can be very tough, especially if a girl aims too high or has become too specific. Aiming too low, however, is also unacceptable. Modern women should not settle for just anyone. Remember, though, that if you are searching for Mr. Right, you should at least keep an open mind.

Making that list

What are you looking for in your ideal partner? List this guy’s physical characteristics, educational attainment, personality, and other specifics. Then, try to think of people you actually know who match your detailed descriptions. Does your Mr. Right exist? If not, you can try to mark down some characteristics as negotiable and some as non-negotiable. Non-negotiable characteristics refer to those traits that Mr. Right must have.

Finding your man

Fantasizing about Mr. Right will not give you results. As a modern woman, you should go out there and look for this ideal man. Consider your list when making that search. You do not want to hunt for guys in bars if you want your guy to be a non-drinker. Picture where Mr. Right will most likely hang out and be there. You can also consult family and friends for “referrals.” They may know someone who matches your descriptions perfectly.

Making a compromise

Of course, it would be perfect if you can find a man who seems to be the exact replica of who Mr. Right is for you. Still, it is rare for a woman to find such a match, so you should learn to make a compromise if the differences between your ideal and the real man are not that significant. You may never even complain if you ended up falling in love.

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