How to Use Body Language In Dating

Body language saves you time when signaling interest or rejection. However, not everyone can read your body language. Someone may take time to finally realize what you mean. Hopefully, you will be able to read what your date means just by how they move alone, so here are some tips:

It’s in the eyes!

A date who is truly interested and has nothing to hide will look you in the eyes. He or she will also genuinely want to know how the date is faring. If your date tends to look away from you and avoids directly looking you in the eyes, he or she is either not interested or has something else in the agenda. You have to be careful around this type of persons.

Dressing up for the Date

How you dress up for the date shows a lot about how the occasion means to you. Whether it is a blind date or not, show your interest by dressing appropriately for the occasion. If you are going on a romantic dinner, dress in casual elegant clothes or formal attire depending on where you are headed to. If you are about to enjoy a movie and a popcorn, you can go casual without looking rugged.

Physical interaction

A person who is leaning towards you and not to everything else in the background is a good sign. This means your date is interested in you. On the other hand, a fidgety and restless date may not want to be there at all. This person may be bored with the date or may not be interested even from the start. Wait for gestures that are similar to yours coming from your date. Mirroring is supposed to be a good sign because people tend to choose partners that are similar to themselves.

Saying goodnight

Check for discomfort coming from your date when it is time to say goodnight. If he or she gives you a pat on the back, it may mean that that was your last date. A good sign, on the other hand, is having specific second date plans before parting.

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